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We have opened our beauty salon so that each of you can feel at home. From the moment you enter our beautiful location, you will immediately experience a warmth. From a warm welcome to a hot coffee, every day is committed to creating an inviting and comfortable services. LauraNails is not just your average Manicure or Pedicure. It is your hour’s retreat from the stress of the busy city and life. Our beauty experts are ready to serve you.

The best nail salon in Barcelona

In our nail salon in Barcelona you will be greeted with a friendly smile and offered the most delicious coffee. In addition, we employ only highly qualified specialists who will provide you with the highest level of service.

Our services

The masters in our nail salon are able to turn any of your fantasies into reality. We offer high quality russian manicure and pedicure services.


Feel the comfort and maximum pleasure during a manicure in our salon. Manicure is a complex of pleasant procedures, after which your hands will thank you! Treat yourself to relaxation and beauty to your hands.


Forget about all your worries and let us take care of your feet. Just enjoy a pedicure with a cup of coffee in our beauty salon and admire the result.

LauraNails is the brand behind the best nails in Barcelona. Our literal ‘nail bar’ boasts experts in the art of nail design.
You and your girls won't want to leave!

Quality of work and service

When you are choosing, you can not worry about hygiene during the procedure. Our beauty salon follows all established sanitary standards. We constantly disinfect the premises and sterilize all instruments. Our nail center never saves on materials. We use the highest quality and latest materials.

Our specialists are proficient in the latest design and gel nail techniques. Can’t decide on a design? Let us to help you!

Our beauty salon is famous for the speed of quality work. So, be sure you won’t waste your time!

LauraNails is not just a nail salon. This is a place where every girl will feel like in paradise.

LauraNails - this is not just one of the nail salons in Barcelona. This is a wonderful place that will delight you with beauty things.
We provide get nail design services, nail extensions, manicure and pedicure.
In our beauty salon you will get not only professional care of your hands and feet, but also a cup of aromatic coffee as a gift!

Customers reviews

The most important indicator of our impeccable work is the feedback from our customers! Our beauty center receives daily reviews, which you can read on our website. We are always open to feedback. Our aim is to provide the best treatment for you!

We are ready to offer you really top quality services. There are only professional and experience masters in our nail salon. In our work, we use only high-quality and proven materials. Masters are constantly undergoing various training courses to be the best for you!

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